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BLŪ is your directory for all your health and beauty needs. Whether you need a haircut, a dentist, or beauty supplies for your home or salon, you can find the help you need on BLŪ. 

  • Search Providers on Both Sides of the Border. Finding a dentist in Mexico to save money on dental work, or having a door delivered to your house in Rancho Santa Fe is quick and easy on BLŪ. There are Providers available on both sides of the border to help you with whatever you may need. Have a special request? Please contact us for further assistance.
  • Select your Service Provider Finding the service Provider you need is quick and easy on BLŪ. Simply select your service Provider, place your order or book your appointment, and that’s it.
  • Purchase Cosmetics and other Products Directly on BLŪ BLŪ has over 300 cosmetic products available for purchase and delivery directly on the app or through our Facebook page. And with many more products and on the way, we plan to provide you with the most useful products at the best prices available for pick up or delivery.
  • Enjoy Pick up or Delivery BLŪ makes getting the products you need quick and easy. Simply stop by our store on Avenida Revolución and pick up your products, or have them delivered directly to your doorstep. Either way, BLŪ makes it quick, easy, and convenient.

Fair Estimate for Delivery or Cross-Border Chaparon

With more than 200 medical Providers available through BLŪ, we offer personal assistance in getting you safely from the United States to Mexico and back.

Need health or beauty supplies from the United States or Mexico?

Please enter your pick up and drop off locations, and we will contact you with further details.

Our Services

BLŪ is easy and intuitive to use with a wide variety of options for both Users and Providers. We aim to offer safe, reliable, and efficient services to the community.
  • Cross-border Chaperones to and from medical appointments

    The environment is also our concern therefore we have also launched bike taxi services. This unique type of service is a completely environment-friendly and economic-friendly way to get around town.

  • Appointment Booking assistance

    Users have a wide variety of options to choose from. Enjoy choosing from a motorbike, scooter, or moped.

  • Hotel and Flight Booking assistance

    Our drivers are well trained and have good knowledge about the routes they have to travel as well as the traffic conditions of the city.

  • Health and Beauty Supplies for pick up and delivery

    The rides offered to Users are safe and reliable. All Drivers are carefully pre-screened before they are hired.

  • Salon services hair, manicure, pedicure, massage

    Don’t have the app or can’t get to a computer or kiosk? All rides can be booked by calling BLŪ directly. Call now: 833-BLŪ-HELP

  • Cosmetic Surgery, Cool Sculpting, Physical Therapy

    All Riders are provided with an estimated fare so they know how much they have to pay before the ride.

Our Benefits

With BLŪ you are investing in yourself when you use the App.
  • Earn Token

    Earn token and watch the value of your investment increase over time.

  • Easy Payment

    Easy in-app Payment Pay with BLŪ

  • Reviews & Ratings

    Find the best providers by reading ratings and reviews

  • Book Now or Later

    Get help immediately, or schedule for a later date at your convenience.

  • Save Money

    Find the best Service Providers at the best rates on both sides of the border.

  • Earning History

    Watch your investment grow overtime as you continue to use BLŪ

Multiple Services

Multiple Health and Beauty Services Available On-demand or Book Later 

  • Dentist
  • Hair
  • Manicure

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BLŪ is your directory for all your health and beauty needs. Whether you need a haircut, or a dentist, you can find the help you need on BLŪ.

Have a special request?

Need help going to Mexico to see a dentist and returning to the United States?

Please contact us for further assistance. 

  • Search Providers
  • Book Now or Later
  • Cross-border Assistance Available 
  • Health and Beauty Supply Delivery
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Many doctors dentists and cosmetic surgeons can save you a fortune and deliver five star results that you will be happy with for a lifetime to come.


Secure And Safe

Our providers are fully screened , well-known, and have performed thousands of procedures for a clients on both sides of the border.

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