Requesting a ride on BLŪ

Requesting a ride on BLŪ is quick and easy. Please follow these simple steps:

  • Register Yourself Register by providing your email address, phone number or Facebook or Instagram.
  • Provide Location details Provide your pick-up and drop-off locations
  • Choose Vehicle Type Choose the category of vehicle you desire. It can be an SUV, sedan or an economical car.
  • Enjoy your Ride Enjoy your ride and pay by card or cash. Then leave a review and let your driver know how they did.

Calculate Your Trip

Our drivers are experienced professionals and they make sure that their Riders enjoy a safe and comfortable trip. BLŪ also provides an accurate estimate to Riders before the trip so that you know how much your ride costs before you book.

Our Services

We aim to provide the best possible service experience to all clients. Whether you have to go to an important business meeting, or attend a marriage function, everything is possible with a few simple taps on your smartphone or computer. Along with Rideshare services, we also offer car rental options, and much more!
  • More Rideshares

    We are also concerned about the environment and heavy traffic so we have also launched Bicycle rental. This type of service is completely environment-friendly and one can easily enjoy this service especially in the beach and urban communities.

  • Wide variety of Options

    Customers have a wide variety of options to choose from. They can enjoy choosing an amazing SUV, sedan, or economical car.

  • Professional Drivers

    Our Drivers are well trained and have good knowledge of the routes they have to take and the traffic conditions along the way and always use the integrated In-App Google GPS to help choose the safest and fastest route to your destination.

  • Safe Ride

    All Drivers receive Background Checks and training before they are hired.

  • Estimated Fares

    Riders are provided with an accurate estimate of the cost of the trip before Booking.

  • Customer Care Support

    Customer Care Support is available 24/7 through the App or website. Contact or 833-BLŪ-HELP

Our Benefits

While our competitors only care about making money, we want to see you happy too. Here are just a few of the many features that we offer to you.
  • Social Media Login

    This feature will enable Riders to seamlessly login using Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

  • Vehicle Selection Option

    Riders will get a choice of vehicles to Book. Choose from SUVs, sedans, and economical cars. Have a special need? Need a limousine? Please contact us for further options.

  • Fare Estimation

    Riders are provided with an accurate estimate of the cost of the trip before Booking.

  • Book Now Or Later

    Riders can book for immediate pick-up or you can schedule a ride for a later date and time.

  • Verification for your Safety

    Email and Mobile Authentication is always required in order to protect you and your information.

  • SOS Panic Button

    Both Riders and Drivers can press the SOS button on your smartphone in case of an emergency during the trip, and help is on the way.

Get a Ride from the Kiosk App

Many Riders enjoy booking a ride from the convenience and privacy of the BLŪ Rideshare Kiosk App. Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, shopping mall or nightclub, with the BLŪ Rideshare Kiosk App, Riders can book a ride from the App simply by typing in their pickup and drop off locations, and they will receive a ride in just a few minutes.

Choose Your Car

There are a wide variety of vehicles available through the app. Whether you want an SUV, sedan, or economical car, everything is available through the app. Have a special need? Need a limousine? Please contact us for further options.

  • BLŪ
  • BLŪ Luxe

Download BLŪ Today

Download BLŪ and start enjoying safe and comfortable rides with just a few taps on your smartphone. BLŪ is available on iOS, Android and Windows.
Some popular features of BLŪ include:

  • Estimated fare before Booking
  • Book now or later
  • Choose your favorite Driver
  • Easy login and payment options
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Enjoy a Stress-free Ride

Our Drivers are experienced professionals and offer safe, comfortable rides. You can easily see each Driver’s rating from previous Riders before you Book. You can also choose your favorite Driver and use them every time you need a ride.

Secure And Safe Rides

All Drivers receive a Background Check and training before driving for BLŪ.

Call us to Book


No access to the internet or smartphones? Call us directly and we will help you book a ride. 833-BLŪ-HELP

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